Try to imagine next scenario:

  • Top brand components
  • Very long MTBF
  • Compact and reliable design
  • Full protected

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New Open-Frame definition

  • Uncompromised design
  • Wide Power Range
  • Fully Protected

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Newest products we are offering

  • Branded Components
  • Wide Power Range
  • Fully Protected

Read more about FPOW-IR-IA

GsmVOX 5.2

When you need reliable communicator or want to manage dislocated devices, please think about this product. Even it looks almost inpossible.

Three (3) input zones and 3 outputs user controlled make this device effective in various applications. User friendly programming. Recordable voice messages.

Can it be easier?


This device represents tradition and establish standard in same time.

  • Proven design
  • High integration
  • Best seller product
  • High quality of recorded voice
  • Line protection

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LED Power Supply

New product group. Universal power supply can be used for cameras, LED lamps etc. Various voltage outputs available. All embedded components are for branded sources.

  • GsmVOX

    New GsmVOX version 5.2

  • GsmVox 5.0

    Full remote programing.